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★★★★★  Good food at a fair price. Of the hundreds of times we’ve ordered delivery, very rarely has there been any kind of issue with our order, and when there has been, they have been quick to rectify the problem. They have a great selection of food and their breakfast pizza has been one of our favorite menu items for quite sometime now. We really recommend that you try it for a great twist on a traditional item. Deliveries have been consistently prompt and the couriers polite and professional.  -Gregory Eaton

★★★★★ I ordered a pizza and wings from here and sent the hubby there to pick it up and he left there without the wings… The manager Zack said he would drive the wings to me but my location is too far. He offered to refund my money for the wings and credit my account for the next time. The refund was there within a half hour. You bet we’ll be going back. Grateful for the great customer service.  -Ashlee Deeds

★★★★★ Yummy pizza and wings, really nice staff, open till 11 on weeknights, nice if you sometimes work really late & are too tired to cook. Options to call in order or to order online. A few little tiny tables, so don’t plan to eat here, unless it’s with one or two friends for a quick slice. They have big square pieces of pizza ready to go in a variety of flavors. Usually cheese & cheese/pep are available, you might catch their buffalo chicken wing pizza, or the stinger, or many others.  -Courtney Sorrento

★★★★★ One of my favorite places to grab pizza in buffalo. They have a great crust and they don’t skimp on the toppings. Now being that the pizza is so good the place is always busy, and I mean busy. I counted about 20 people working in the back along with two cashiers and it was a constant flow. If they quote you 30 mean it could mean 45/50 min so definitely plan to wait. My favorite pie is the veggie only second to the buffalo chicken. -Kasim Sallaj

★★★★★  Francos is one of my favorite places to order pizza, but mostly the specialties. The regular pep and cheese isn’t bad and it’s more of a sweeter sauce, but the black and blue steak or the veggie… out of this world!! So delicious! The dry rub cajun wings are also really worth the try especially if you have to travel far like me(they stay crispy). Oh, and if you happen to have any leftovers. The pizza reheats really well in the oven and taste like you just bought it after it comes out!  -Samantha C

★★★★★  This place is heaven. Y’all don’t even know.. the food is out of this world. Price is amazing and the portions speak for themselves. Quality is consistent and the customer service is well id give it a 11/10. Well done Franco’s and I hope you don’t ever change!  -S.M.

★★★★★ It’s hard to pick a favorite pizza place in Buffalo since there are so many great choices, but Franco’s is absolutely one of the best! I’ve never had a bad pizza from here and they are usually running specials online so you can get a variety of food. Their wings are delicious too.  -Leanne Deshaies

★★★★★ We use Uber eats , I always order the Philly Cheesesteak pizza because it is just AMAZING! But last time decided to switch it up and order something else and it was sooo good! We always get a couple of sides too. Everything is neatly packed and delicious.  -Alanna Guerrero

★★★★★  My boys and I always order from them. We love their pizza. However their delivery service is not that great. Its weird because I live two blocks away and they have a tough time.  -Joseph Terrana

★★★★★ My grandson will only eat francos pizza!! We love the barbecue boneless wings and the buffalo chicken finger pizza!! Never had a problem always good and fast!! YUMMY ?!!!! -Susan Snyder

★★★★★   Worth the wait. Very crowded today. I was not bothered at all. Stinger Pizza was absolutely GREAT!!!  -Joseph Jordan

★★★★★ They are a very busy pizzeria and their food is delicious. Everything they make is delicious.       -Michael Hojsan

★★★★★ My Favorite pizza place in Buffalo, the pizza is always good and is done on time when you order. -Dominick R

★★★★★ Great pizza, people and prices! Always busy because they’re always good at what they do!            -Christopher Riley

★★★★★ Always good and consistent at all locations. One of many true buffalo pizza favorites.                  -Mike Graz

★★★★★  The personal pan are great and there pepperonis are so crispy and the sauce is on point.             -Pamela Clark

★★★★★  Best thing about Franco’s is that it’s consistent. Pizza and wings are good every time.                   -Michael Olson

★★★★★  If you are in WNY and want the best chicken finger pizza this is the place!!!!  -Jake Pawl

★★★★★ Very good pizza and the pricing is very fair for the quality of food.  -Frances Richeal

★★★★★ Awesome menu, great food. Quick service. Will keep going back.  -Cathy Chilton

★★★★★ Awesome pizza, slices or made to order it’s amazing every time.  -Tara Miller


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