November 5, 2019

The 10 Most Popular Varieties of Pizza in the United States

At its core, pizza consists of three things: dough, sauce, and toppings. Throughout the years, this simple dish has transformed to include hundreds of variations and […]
October 14, 2019

Origin of Pizza

Pizza is one of America’s favorite foods. But where did pizza as a food originated from? Well history points to Italy as a birthplace for what […]
September 16, 2019

Our Top Ten Menu Items

Let’s face it – pizza restaurants are everywhere! Pizza is one of America’s favorite foods with nearly half of all families choosing pizza for a meal, […]
February 28, 2018

Having a Pizza Party?

Order Online for Easy Service & Delivery Pizza parties are simply the best! All your friends and family or coworkers all gather in one place where […]
March 13, 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Order Pizza Delivery

It IS Delivery – And It’s AWESOME! If you’re like most people, you don’t really need to be talked into the wisdom of ordering pizza instead […]
December 22, 2016

It’s A Pizza Party!

If you love pizza as much as we do here at Franco’s Pizza, you know the feeling you get when you first open the box of […]
August 3, 2016

Order Your Favorite Pizza Online!!!

Cheesy goodness clinging to every slice as you pull it right out of the box…now that’s a dream come true. Franco’s Pizza delivers pizza in every […]