Top 5 Reasons to Order Pizza Delivery

It IS Delivery – And It’s AWESOME!

If you’re like most people, you don’t really need to be talked into the wisdom of ordering pizza instead of cooking yourself. But sometimes, people need that extra little push to order delivery. “It feels lazy,” you might think. Or, “I really should just go out and pick up the pizza. It’ll be good for me, right?”

Wrong! All of us at Franco’s Pizza are here to tell you that ordering pizza delivery doesn’t just feel good, it IS good. Don’t believe us? Check out our top five reasons why you should skip the trip and just have your pizza delivered.

Pajamas are awesome.

Whether you’re the type of person to go for the fuzzy footie pajamas or you just throw on an old t-shirt and sweats, your pajamas are probably some of the most comfortable things you own. So why change into something fit for public viewing so you can get into the car, drive to Franco’s, pick up your pizza, drive home, and put your pajamas back on again? You shouldn’t. Keep the pajamas on and call us for delivery. (Our drivers don’t judge!)

You can order online – and all pizza coupons apply.

We’ve made pizza delivery even MORE convenient with our pizza online order system. Just click here to get started. Tell us how many pies you’d like and what side dishes go with it, as well as whether or not you have any pizza coupons. And that’s it!

You don’t have to miss a minute of the action.

If the game, or the episode, or the movie is just getting to the good part, do you want to have to turn off the TV to drive down to our pizza restaurant, pick up your food, and come back? Of course you don’t. (Especially if it’s a live sports event. Who knows what you might miss?) Grabbing a pizza at the door takes two minutes at the most, so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

The party doesn’t need to stop.

Say you ordered a party pizza, a bucket of wings, and all the trimmings for your big birthday bash. Everyone’s at your house, the beverages (adult or otherwise) are flowing, and the party is hopping. The last thing you want to do is skip out on your own party to pick up the pizza – especially if your buddy Chad is parked right behind your car. (Way to go, Chad.) Let us bring the pizza to you. We’ll even park on the street if we have to.

It’s better for the environment.

This is going to take a bit of a thought experiment, so bear with us. Say you and your two next-door neighbors all order a pizza from Franco’s. You all live three miles from Franco’s. If you all get into your cars separately and come to pick up your pizza, that’s a total of 18 miles you’ll all collectively be driving (three miles both ways – six miles – multiplied by three neighbors). But if you all order delivery, our driver can make a single six-mile round trip. Add in all of the friends and neighbors ordering pizza across the Buffalo area, and that’s a big difference for the environment!

So there you have it – the top five reasons to order pizza delivery. Now, what are you waiting for? Put on those PJs, hop on the couch, turn on your favorite show, and order online with a clear conscience. Your pizza will be at your door before you know it!